About Myself


Hello, my name is Tyler. I'm a second year Computer Science student at Queen's University who is trying to find time to update this website. I would like to hone my web design skills by building it further, but for the time being it will have to remain a tribute to my pre-University programming accomplishments. Feel free to browse my LinkedIn or Github for a more up-to-date picture of myself.


I am not a very experienced designer, though I do have a few projects to highlight, be they related to web design or otherwise.

A WordPress site designed and implemented for the high school library.

A game project of 1500+ lines of code, co-developed with 3 other programmers. Written in JavaFX, with the FXGL game library, including sound effects and visual textures.

Solutions to multiple years worth of questions from the Canadian Computing Competition. All answers are written in Java. The CCC is run by the University of Waterloo.

700+ line project coded entirely by myself. Written in JavaFX, again using the FXGL development library.